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Learning Paths


Respiratory Compromise

This series of videos and educational resources proivides a structured curriculum to guide you through respiratory compromise.

Through this pathway you will learn about:

  • Capnography basics
  • Applications of capnography in different care settings
  • Featured accredited opportunities

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Exceptional Education

We're committed to enriching the clinical community and enhancing patient outcomes through training healthcare professionals on the safe and effective use of Medtronic’s devices utilizing procedural and evidence based medical education activities.

We're committed to supporting a wide variety of clinical education programs for Clinicians, Surgeons, Interventionalists, Nurses, Allied health personnel, Fellows, Residents and other members of the healthcare profession.

  • A history of over 40 years of advanced medical training
  • Multifaceted, comprehensive training programs at global facilities
  • Partnerships with leading medical institutions and professional societies to provide state of the art learning objectives


Advanced Training

Our training and educational programs have been established to provide opportunities for surgeons and clinicians to receive the clinical and technical training they may require in order to perform advanced minimally invasive surgery procedures, such as laparoscopic gastric bypass and laparoscopic colon surgery.

Opportunities include:

  • Clinical Immersions
  • Mentorships
  • Mini-Fellowship